Download Oppo Flash Tool 2018 With Activation File

    Here it is must to know that Oppo Download tool is an official Oppo firmware flash tool. So you can’t use it directly to flash Oppo firmware or stock ROM. It’s little bit tricky to install Oppo Download tool [Oppo flash tool] on windows pc. Basically it’s an premium oppo flash tool and licence key is must to use Oppo download too [Oppo flash tool].

    But if you are here then no need to buy licence key to use Oppo Flash tool or Oppo Download flash tool. In this post we will show you how to install Oppo download tool properly without any error?

    Just follow the tutorial as it is as shown below.

    “”””””Latest Oppo Flash tool – Oppo Download Tool is an premium software to flash Oppo mobile stock ROM and it required the licence key for activation. So if you want to use Download tool for Oppo free then you have to modify the files first.

    Download Oppo Flash Tool 2018 [DownloadTool 1728.31 With Activation File]

    Download DownloadTool v1728.31 With Activation File –Download 01 / DOWNLAD 02 / Mirror

    Files In Downloadable LinkDownloadTool v1728.31Enable.exe fileCodeMeterRuntime.exe, code, OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaUOPPO_ALL_TOOL [crack] and PDAnet file

    Supporting Devices

    Oppo Flash tool 2018 DownloadTool v1728.31 Support Oppo F7 / Oppo F5 / Oppo A83 / Oppo A79 [Including All Latest Oppo Android Phones]

    How To Install DownloadTool v1728.31 Without Error [Oppo Flash Tool]

    Please Note: Only downloadTool 1728.31 setup will not work for you. You have to modify the file to with activation files.

    Steps TO Crack Oppo Download Tool

    Download oppo flash tool.rar file from above download section. Extract the downloaded oppo flash tool.rar file on pc [In any folder] Here you will see two zip files – DownloadTool_v1728.31.rar & Oppo_all_tool [crack].rar files.

    oppo flash tool crack

    Again extract the both zip file one by one in the same folder.

    oppo flash tool files

    First off all run “PDAnet.exe” file as administrator by following on screen instructions. Next run “CodeMeterRuntime.exe” file and continue the installation by clicking on “Next” button from welcome wizard.

    Important: During the installation process, don’t forget to put “Microsoft” under the “Organization” option. Otherwise, this tool will not install on pc.

    Hit on next and wait to complete the “CodeMeterRuntime kit v6.40b” installation. Now navigate to “C Drive” >> “Program Files [x86] >> “CodeMeter” folder >> Runtime >> Bin >> Run “CodeMeterCC.exe “ file as administrator.

    Activate Licence: Click on “File” option >> select “Import Licence” and browse “OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU” file from extracted folder.

    Finally you will see the “Licence Activated” message on the tool as shown in below screenshot.

    Licence is activated and you can launch “DownloadTool “ on pc. But till now it will not work for you.

    Please Note: open the DownloadTool file and remember to put together with the ROM folder, you will no longer see “CmDongle runtime system..” warning message [error]. But keep in mind it’s not completely modified.

    Again open the extracted folder and run “Enable.exe” file and click on “Enable” to activate it.

    oppo downloadtool crack

    Launch “Downloadtool.exe” setup from main folder and click on “Format Download” option. This time “format download” option will visible to use.

    Recommendation: At the time of flashing Oppo mobile, we are recommending you to use “Upgrade Download” option from the tool.

    Now a popup window will appear in from of you. Just type te123 as a password.

    Everything is setup now and you are free to use DownloadTool v1728.31 without runtime error.

    Most Important Point To Use DownloadTool v1728.31 For Oppo Mobile Flashing

    Proper installation is must to use downloadtool 1728.31. Don’t forget to crack downloadtool v1728.31 with activation licence key as as shown in tutorial. Otherwise tool will show error. At the time of Oppo stock ROM flashing, DownloadTool v1728.31 must be in firmware folder.

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